Dave Gettleman on Kyle Rudolph deal: Doctors signed off, we do everything with class

Tight end Kyle Rudolph agreed to a contract with the Giants early in free agency, but there was a bump in the road to making that deal official.

A foot injury flagged in Rudolph’s physical created a brief snag and led to questions about how the Giants would proceed, but the veteran wound up signing the same contract that he initially agreed to with the team. On Tuesday, Gettleman was asked about that decision.

Gettleman said that the team doctors signed off on Rudolph after he agreed to have surgery to address the injury, which was enough to convince the team to move forward without any change to the terms.

“We are the Giants, we’re going to do everything with the class,” Gettleman said, via multiple reporters.

Rudolph missed the last four games of the 2020 season due to the foot injury, but neither that nor the March discovery dissuaded the Giants from their belief that Rudolph is the right man for them.